Code Development

The development of the CHARMS program focuses on these major directions:

  • X-Wind Modeling: developing a full package for modeling jets/winds/outflows based on the X-wind theory, from dynamical solutions, kinetic properties, to synthetic spectroimaging.
  • Numerical Simulations: developing simulation packages for hydrodynamics (HD) and magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) with updated treatment on non-ideal MHD phenomena.
  • Chemical Evolution: integrating chemical evolution solver into hydrodynamic (HD) numerical simulations to update chemistry in the fluid.
  • Radiative Transfer: developing continuum and line-emission Monte-Carlo radiative transfer calculation package for comparisons with observations by ALMA and future instruments.
  • GPU Code Development: developing MHD simulation libraries and application programing interfaces (APIs) with GPU-accelerated 3D stencil computations.