CHARMS is the acronym for Coordinated Hydrodynamic and Astrophysical Research, Modeling, and Synthesis, an ASIAA/TIARA initiative that focuses on bridging the theory and numerical astrophysics with cutting-edge observational astrophysics.

Since 2008, CHARMS has established three main development directions, which include the hydrodynamic/magnetohydrodynamic simulation package (ZeusTW), the hydrodynamic simulation package with the abilities of timely chemical evolution (KM1/KM2), and the simulation packages for astrophysical radiative transfer (SPARX, Perspective, HOCHUNK3D). Recently, efforts are extending into development of GPU-based codes (Astaroth). These packages have been applied to several science projects including the collapse of protostellar cores and the formation of circumstellar disks, formation and evolution of low-­mass protostellar jets and outflows, formation of protoplanets and circumplanetary disks, physics in the photon­-dominated regions, and the evolution of low-­mass stars beyond main sequence.

The Motivations

  • Large telescope projects at ASIAA are at the frontiers of future high-resolution observations (e.g., ALMA, GMT/TMT).
  • Timely efforts are needed as telescope projects go global, and require a community, large or small, or a global network to tackle the complex problems.
  • TEAM efforts!

The Integrated Components

  • Science cases
  • Numerical simulations providing dynamical Models
  • Chemistry and chemical evolution
  • Radiative transfer and line formation
  • Diagnostic probes
  • Laboratory Experiments
  • Synthetic observations and applications

Schematic View of CHARMS Structure

Project Descriptions and Research Highlights in Poster Presentations (Chinese)

2015 Open House

2013 Open House

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