What’s New in CHARMS

  • Dr. Hsien Shang was Featured in AAS Journal Author Interview Series with Lead Editor

AAS Journal Author Series is a series of interviews of American Astronomical Society (AAS) journal authors with the AAS Journal Lead Editor Frank Timmes, connecting recent impactful articles with the human story. The latest issue #88, on air March 26, 2021, featured Dr. Hsien Shang and her latest publication on numerical simulations of young stellar bipolar outflows with CHARMS, presenting features emanating from the interplay between magnetized wide-angle winds and isothermal toroids. Please click the figure below for the Youtube video of the fascinating interview! (Image Credit: AAS Facebook fan page)

A Unified Model for Bipolar Outflows from Young Stars: The Interplay of Magnetized Wide-angle Winds and Isothermal Toroids (Shang et al. ApJ, 905, 116, 2020)

  • IAA Quarterly Special Issue on CHARMS (2020 Summer Issue) [Chinese]

    • Web/Image Version: link
    • PDF Version: link

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